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Water Analysis
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The Filter Guys can provide you with a complete water analysis to determine what is in your water and how it can be treated. In most cases, a complete analysis is not needed but The Filter Guys will run certain tests to make sure you have the appropriate water treatment installed. We can determine exactly what is needed to keep your water using equipment functioning properly and efficiently.

Key Benefits

bulletFind out exactly what is in your water.
bulletWe will make sure your water treatment is appropriate and adequate to handle your water consuming needs.


Comprehensive Water Analysis
We will test your water's hardness, measured in Grains Per Gallon. TDS, total dissolved solids. We will also test your water for pH, total alkalinity, total chlorine, free chlorine, chlorides, and iron level.
Water Hardness Testing
We will test your water hardness measured in Grains per Gallon, to determine if a water softener is needed to help reduce hardness and extend the life of your water using equipment.
TDS Testing
It is important to know the amount of Total Dissolved Solids in your water. Higher levels of TDS can cause many problems in your water using equipment and certain measures may need to be taken to reduce the amount of TDS or certain filtration may be needed to counteract the TDS. We will test the TDS in your water and let you know exactly what you need.


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